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Colour: Fokus grey

available in 7 colours

Rhombus profile

The solid rhombus profile with its attractive colour gradient for stylish cladding

You can use the rhombus profile as a tasteful wooden cladding or as closing strips for your new terrace. The solid profiles in seven colours captivate with an attractive colour gradient and skilfully insert themselves in all environments. Fastening options are available exposed with screws or concealed with clamps. The rhombus profiles can also be moun-ted within a multiple field system with a max. axial dimension of 80 cm or in a single field system with max. 60 cm.

// Surface: with a colour gradient, matted, with vascular rays on one side
// can be mounted on one side, visually screwed screw fastening or concealed clamps
// min. joint clearance: 5 mm
// Colour-resistant
// Free from dangerous splinters
// Solid and completely coloured
// Sustainable
// Available in a total of seven colours
// Material: GCC HARZart

Item accessoires

Stainless steel clamp, blackened stainless steel, blackened standard steel.

The construction planks that match creative ideas

Made for free thinkers: the structural piles as a part of the construction timber range! Classical or completely customised designs can be implemented in combination with the rhombus profiles. Innumerable creative ideas can find their space in your outdoor grounds on the basis of our innovative composition of materials. With a variety of nine colours, the construction planks are a perfect match to the look of your terrace and leave nothing to be desired.

// Form: rectangular, rounded-off
// Available in nine colours
// Colourfast
// No dangerous splinters
// Solid and imbued
// Sustainable
// Material: GCC HOLZart - Titan, Umbra, Terra, Graphite, Brown, Grey
// Material: GCC HARZart - Ecru, Jade, Platin

Construction Timber Range

The new EasyDeck® construction timber range is made for all kinds of ideas, and captivates the imagination with its great exibility. Numerous outdoor designs can be created using the enclosed rhombus pro le and the construction plank.

Rhombus profile

The rhombus profile can be used both as a stylish cladding element and as a closing strip to terrace decks and it is available in seven colours. The colours of the rhombus profile is assigned to a colour spectrum ensuring harmony with the chosen terrace boards.

Construction plank

The construction plank is your key to in nite creativity. The construction planks are available in a total of nine colours so that they serve a customised implementation of garden elements and furniture. Everything is possible with construction timber, whether a sandpit, a raised gardening bed or a bench.

The large variety of colours in the construction timber range

Rhombus profile

Fokus Chocolate Black
Fokus Brown
Fokus Grey