Planning principles

  1. Avoid contact between the construction elements and the ground!
  2. Ensure that the subsoil is firm and has a good bearing capacity.
  3. Only use EasyDeck® construction beams.
  4. In principle, pre-drill all holes in such a manner that the part to be fixed is 2 mm larger than the screw diameter and the retaining drill hole is 1 mm smaller than the screw diameter. Observe the minimum clearances of the expansion joints so that the construction can expand without force if necessary.
  5. Do not lash down or brace the terrace during construction.
  6. The distance between the deckboard and all fixed components must be 2 cm.
  7. Ensure a sufficient amount of ventilation from underneath by observing the gaps.
  8. Do not fill the cavities between the gravel formation and the sub-construction elements.
  9. The maximum deckboard protrusion over the last sub-construction may not exceed 5 cm.
  10. Production-related dimension tolerances regarding length, width and thickness are to be taken into account during assembly.
  11. All dimensions must be examined on the construction.


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